This might be a weird combination – a Fashion Design degree and a passion for technology. The truth is the computer has always been my friend. I found it quite easy to navigate through programs. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were not difficult to learn. The internet was an open space to discover. However I never digged deeper into this topic, or questioned how these programs functioned in their root.

I remember we had a computer science class (well, let’s say we scratched the surface of it) in my high school. We learned how we can command a robot guy to walk right or left with Java commands. I hated it.

Later I picked Googles Server Farms (their machine learning process), combined with the ISO/OSI model as topic for my Bachelor collection. My boyfriend and me developed an App at that time where I did the Mockups and design. I guess that was where I really became interested. I read network structure books and how data is being processed on circuit boards like they were magazines. I fell in love with tech forecasts, robotic and artificial intelligence. I taught myself web design in my spare time. Then we moved to New York City and I picked up Swift.

I love the structural thinking you develop when writing code. The computer will only execute what you tell him. I realized I adapted this thought pattern on other non-tech situations as well, which really helps me keeping a cool head (especially in NY). I see all the parallels between a creative process (how can I make this collar fly over the head?!) and problem solving in Swift. At the same time I may have had enough of design and wanted to think logically again. I am now totally hooked by this awesome and clean programming language and am currently building my portfolio.

Stay tuned!