where to start learning to code

Where to start learning to code? You’ve made the first decision that you want to learn to code, but there are just too many (or maybe to little?) resources out there. So, where can you even start?

I want to show you some of the biggest online resources / programs for Swift but also for other programming languages that are out there and are providing quality content. You don’t have to always attend a Coding Bootcamp if you want to learn to code –  you don’t even have to have a completed degree in computer science or anything related to that. All you need to have is a great interest and passion to learn. There are multiple online courses that will guide you through the first steps of coding of which most of them are free. Remember: The first step is always the hardest!


I started with Treehouse and their Web Design course packet, continued with JavaScript / Full Stack web development package and latest did the Swift 3 videos. They explain the topics in an entertaining teaching style, as if they were sitting right in front of you. After each section you have many quizzes and coding challenges to pass to collect some points for badges and rewards. The cheapest membership fee is $25 a month and all content is in English. You can also do their “Tech Degree” which I haven’t tried yet. With the cheapest membership you have access to all their programming language courses and even if you’re not sure which one to pick, you can just play around and test a few for yourself before maybe starting a Tech Degree. For the start the regular video content is absolutely enough material to learn.


Udemy is the biggest video tutorial platform out there and most of the courses are pretty cheap compared to the knowledge you can gain. For Swift 3 I can highly recommend this course. Period.
Have a look around, read comments and ratings, and you can find any other language or even design or marketing programs you’re interested in. Teaches provide video tutorials (similar to Treehouse) and also PDFs or worksheets for you to follow along.

iTunes U

iTunes U includes lectures, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports, and campus tours provided by many colleges and universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand and has collected materials from colleges, universities, museums, libraries and other cultural institutions of educational value. There are more than 75,000 files available for download. You simply have access to it through your iTunes Store on the Mac or you iPhone app.

Some courses I can highly recommend are:

where to start learning to code

The Swift Programming Language (e-book) by Apple

This ebook is free for download and explains the basics of the programming language Swift 3.1. It’s written by the source of it all, the development team of Apple. You probably can’t find any other resource that is more accurate than this one. Did I mention that it’s free?

Other resources:

Hit up on the Swift Standard Library to look up on definitions and click trough Apples resources.


You see, there is so much to learn out there! Sticking to one program at a time really helps staying focused and not to get loosed in this giant topic. You will notice when starting a new course that you may being able to skip a few things that you have already learned which makes you faster. I hope this blog post was helpful.

What resources did/do you use to start learning? Anything I can add to this list?