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4 Future Technology Books Everyone Should Read

Read these 4 future technology books during your commute There are some books out there you simply have to read once in your lifetime. If you’re interested in technology and the biggest developments of our time, these 4 future technology books are must reads! Observing what problems humanity is working on right now and then trying to predict the results in the future is fascinating. These books have inspired me; reading them during my commute had expanded my mind. Seeing what possibilities are out there is both thrilling and scary. For every computer tech lover: these are my favorite futurology…

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A digital Tailoring Service

When you think about bespoke tailoring you probably think about luxury fabrics, shoulder pads and hand sewn buttons. This craftwork is one of the oldest on earth and is still being executed by custom tailors around the world. They will take their time to take your measurements and to go through their available fabrics they have at the moment to find the perfect option for your taste (of course there are different types of tailors, but lets just talk about luxury custom tailors for a second). They will help you to decide on a color and pattern and will pick a lining for you….

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