New week, new game! I never though I would write games for the iPad, but here we go. This game similar to the “Whack-a-Mole” game. But since climate is changing are penguins hiding in burrows. It’s my second time using SpriteKit.

All the parts of Whack-a-Penguin are images that lay over each other. No buttons or tables have been inserted.

I programmed touch-recognition and distinguished the good and bad penguins to give + or – scores:

The penguin images are in the background all the time, but appear and disappear in random order. Additionally a sound will appear when hitting good ones, and another one when you hit the evil ones accidentally. After a loop of 30 sessions the Game will come to an end. By touching the Game Over font it will start again fresh and your score will be 0.

You can view the code here.