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{“Hello World”} – Bachelor Collection

{“Hello World”} An Avantgarde Bachelor Collection My Bachelor Collection {“Hello World”} found a beautiful finish. The last three months I designed and handcrafted the whole fashion collection made of 7 outfits in total. The collection’s topic is {“Hello World”}. I wanted to plunge deeper in the details of modern technology. All those inventions and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, how to build the perfect copy of the human brain are crazy. I got involved in this subject after joining the online platform Treehouse to learn Webdevelopment on my own. My bachelor thesis dealt with how networks work and how our Big Data is saved a million miles away, though are…

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Fashion Design

Awareness Collection – A new interpretation

  The main theme of this collection were birds of prey. More precisely eagles. Vulnerability and shelter played an important role visualized in naked skin and fake fur. I had an awesome outdoor shooting at the Olympiapark in Munich but I recently found a great photographer interested in my work. So here is his interpretation of my collection, a more desert theme inspired by the movie Mad Max. I love it! All photos shot by Route8.

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