These awesome artists create wonderful copper sculptures every day and week and work in their work hours as much they celebrate artistic inspiration in free time. The artists from ‘Kupferarbeiten Ph. Basche‘ had been a huge inspiration for my bachelors collection {“Hello World”}.

From left to right: Moni, Tom and GabiGabi gave me some of her precious time to do this inspirational interview with me. I was also able to give you some special insights in her copper studio in the north of Munich, Germany.

At what age did you find that passion for manual work?

Manual work always reminds me of my school days. I’ve never been very good at this subject. I hated to follow rules and given recipes for art. My passion was to find and create my own solution for compositions and designs.

What’s the special nature of your work with the material copper?

I’ve been born and raised in a family working with copper since 1897. Copper is a very soft and feminine metal. The sign of copper is the Venus!
More than in copper I was interested in the technique that was passed on to me. By plating and electroforming different kinds of materials youare able to plate and refine them with copper!

What inspires you?

A huge inspiration of mine is…time! The moment where I can let my thoughts go and be on my own in silence. That’s when I process everything what encountered me, sometimes it’s a word, a color, a form, a smell, a thought…

How does your work with the material copper affect your style and taste?

My work is always inseparable bound to me! I love clear lines and forms but there must always be space for phantasy and glamour at all times. That is very important to me.

Do you do manufacture at home for yourself, too? 

To me there’s no difference between work and home. I try to always improve myself than I have been the day before. Process is very exciting.

I’m so happy to being able to share this interview with you! The pictures are all done in their small factory. They used the same technique for their copper art as well as for the fabric in my Bachelor Collection.

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