Future-Technology Books

Read these 4 future technology books during your commute

There are some books out there you simply have to read once in your lifetime. If you’re interested in technology and the biggest developments of our time, these 4 future technology books are must reads!

Observing what problems humanity is working on right now and then trying to predict the results in the future is fascinating. These books have inspired me; reading them during my commute had expanded my mind. Seeing what possibilities are out there is both thrilling and scary.

For every computer tech lover: these are my favorite futurology books, reaching from robotics to artificial intelligence. For every sci-fi fan: these are your must reads to strengthen your creative muscles and to realize how many true facts are behind your favorite stories.

1. Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

This book is all about the path towards a super intelligent machine and the dangers that would come with it as well as strategies to stay still in control as humans. What would happen if machines were faster in learning, had unlimited data storage, and could outthink us in every action? Nick Bostrom is both the director of the Future of Humanity Institute and the Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Center, and clearly knows what he is writing about. With a clear eye on the consequences of our fast developments in technology, he shows how machines could triumph over humans effortlessly. However his focus lies on the technical side of robots, AI, and machines, and leaves biology far behind.

I loved reading this book during my morning commute because then I have a fresh eye for his ambitious writing style. A third of the book are notes, so don’t panic. He effortlessly explains, in numberless statistics, how the technical development could grow exponentially, which makes this book to a mixture of science fiction and brutal reality. Great inspiration and incredibly scientific

2. How to Create A Mind by Ray Kurzweil

This one is my favorite distraction book during my commute. I can completely block out every other person that is on the train with me. Ray Kurzweil explains the biologic functions of human brain in this book. He starts with our early ancestors, compares our thought process to monkeys and rats, and leaves no question opened in terms of how our brain builds patterns and perceives the “self”. I have to say that I expected something more technical at first, but really half of the book is explaining how our human brain is structured. The second part of the book explains how to transfer the design of our brain to a machine or artificial intelligence.

3. The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil

This one is packed with heavy input about how we are currently moving towards a future of singularity and what the consequences would mean for us. We just have to keep on doing what we are doing and we will reach singularity eventually. Each and every single page of Ray Kurzweil’s book is filled with developments and outcomes for our future and what that might mean for us humans. He gives highly intelligent forecasts about how humanity and machines will develop together until we master the “software of human intelligence”. It will blow your mind. Uncomfortable but highly recommended!

4. The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku

“The Future of the Mind” was my main inspiration for my bachelor thesis in fashion design. It will show you how our mind and brain is structured, like how and where we process and save our memories. Michio Kaku also explains what consciousness is and how telepathy, telekinesis, and dreams might work. You will widen your own consciousness later in the book, where he shows you Silicon Valley’s crazy plans to build an artificial mind and how to outsource our own. Pure inspiration!

What are your favorite future-technology books out there? Let me know in the comments!