Creating a new appearance for nitemates blog copy

A few weeks ago I reported about the digital nightlife update named NiteMates. This time I created a whole new appearance for NiteMates through their website, blog and logo design. You might notice that I also updated the design of my website here *tadaaa*. I hope you enjoy it!

Websites are the face of every brand and are the foundation of every modern business. Starting a business, no matter online or offline, is challenging enough. Not having a functional website is probably the worst mistake every new business starter can make. I am always astonished how many small businesses there are without a pretty website! And yeah, a poor website might be even worse. For those of you being confused about all the oh so easy website toolkits, ask someone who put up a website before. It is so much easier for them than for you, having to orient yourself in this big jungle.

Creating a new online experience for NiteMates was a pleasure. We wanted to have mainly girlish colors, bright and happy, ready for the spring festival season. That should be the feeling you get looking at it. And in particular it should be easy with not a lot of text and just the sign up field in the center.

NiteMates is also in big need of a creative blog outlet. So I added all of the missing social media channels and set up a blog at Tumblr.



The next steps are finding a clear way of communication through social media and through the images and the content on our blog. This is probably the most complicated part, since you can not plan it but you have to learn by doing. I kind of have to get to know the brand I am building. Nothing easy as that! I started doing the first mockup for the first blogpost and it became kind of cute (now I don’t want to post anything else, afraid to destroy it).

Creating a new appearance for nitemates blog


The biggest change by far was the new logo though. You would describe the old one as dusty (but I’m probably saying this about the new one in a few weeks too). I brightened it up, made it more colorful to fit to the current trend of color gradients and minimalistic aesthetics. It suits perfectly into the new website, maybe it was the other way around, but the two are a couple now. Please convince yourself here.

new appearance for nitemates website


If you are not a huge fan of NiteMates yet, make sure to follow us on all our new social media channels and blog and to sign up for our alpha version. We love you.


Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.