{“Hello World”}

An Avantgarde Bachelor Collection

My Bachelor Collection {“Hello World”} found a beautiful finish. The last three months I designed and handcrafted the whole fashion collection made of 7 outfits in total.

The collection’s topic is {“Hello World”}. I wanted to plunge deeper in the details of modern technology. All those inventions and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, how to build the perfect copy of the human brain are crazy. I got involved in this subject after joining the online platform Treehouse to learn Webdevelopment on my own. My bachelor thesis dealt with how networks work and how our Big Data is saved a million miles away, though are able to see this information in milliseconds. This awesome, very interesting and humongous deep topic needed to be explored and processed somehow in 3 months of work. Into a Fashion Design concept.

Because music is the most important thing when it comes to creativity (at least for me) I had a theme song. Click on the lyrics below and you will hear my design through this song. Her album literally ran through all the time day and night.

You can’t wake up, this is not a dream.
You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being.
With your face all made up, living on a screen.
Oh, I think there’s a flaw in my code.

Through my amazing journey I was able to work with a local copper artist and her amazing team who helped me coppering pieces of fabric. You can read the full interview with her here. Her great artworks are visible here.

Copper was the special effect in terms of fabric manipulation in my collection.

The computer infrastructure and circuit boards that are used to forward information are mostly made of copper. Black was the main color, symbolizing the tangibly mass.

I used binary code as silk screen printing on the lining, the deepest level of both garment and computer.

Also the 3D elements were a joy! I loved the whole process of developing patterns to create those difficult forms in both holes and collars.

My great shooting team then let something magical happen. We experimented a lot with different light settings and color changes. The inspiration were Googles main server farms and the sterile atmosphere and light there.

Photography and Light: Moritz Huber
Jo BrennerVictoria Leutgeb
Hair and Make-Up: Magdalena Bauer
Fashion Design: Franziska Kammerl