Last week I had the chance to get to know the new and emerging label Ei8ht Dreams a little better. To work with the founders, designers and sales team at the New York fashion fair Coterie and present their label to potential buyers and department or retail stores has been a great experience for me.

The Los Angeles based jeans driven label is one of my favorite young emerging labels so far! The designer Stephanie did an awesome job collecting inspiration and transforming it into her current fashion line. By adding many small details and additional embroidery, distressing or metallic printing she makes every piece special. The name and brand “Ei8ht Dreams” stands for love, friendship, energy, enchantment, harmony, freedom, prosperity and eternity. That’s eight in case you counted.

Having graduated from the best Art School in Korea majoring in Art Education and Sculpture,  Stephanie moved to San Francisco to pursue her dreams in Fashion. After the M.F.A. degree in Fashion design and gaining experience in the industry for ten years, she joined the team to founded Ei8ht Dreams. Steph constantly travels around the world to find new inspirations which translate in her feminine nostalgic pieces. She focuses on feminine styling and indigos fashion. Balancing different elements in design aesthetics as European fashion houses’ originality, fast paced lifestyle in Asia cities and American commercialism is her speciality.

I spent some awesome days at Coterie with the team of Ei8ht Dreams. Thanks for having me and see you soon.


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