Influencer Marketing

Many fashion labels want to move in a lifestyle brand often times soon after founding. The lingerie brand Cosabella is one of them and found a way to realize it. It expanded the process of looking at mood boards, observing fashion trends and runways for inspiration.

Cosabella is using AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to track their customer’s behavior, in every detail to predict what will sell.

“The smarter we get with AI, the longer our customer stays with us. The longer a customer stays with us, the better we get at improving product, fit, fabric and silhouette,” said Cosabella CEO Guido Campello.

Cosabella sells their products internationally through its own online store and wholesale partners like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. The company helped themselves in acquiring the marketing platform Emarsys to use their artificial intelligence.

“Everything is AI”

Since that acquisition, Cosabella rolls out more options for high performing products and takes weak performing products out of their inventory. This strategy reduces waste and also satisfies customers by preventing out-of-stock disappointments.

The brand has also introduced a collection based on what their customers are wearing and buying in real time to control sales and returning products even faster. More over they are using AI to adjust their email offers, placing ads online and other tactics to improve their product recommendations and reviews. They are also changing the layout of the online shop, depending on who visiting the page and how they arrived there.

“The term ‘AI’ has been co-opted,” said Allen Nance, Emarsys’s CMO. “Everything is AI, but no one knows what it actually can do. And the best part is that, even though data conversations scare people, expectations are sky-high.”

AI in fashion is stuck the same way like virtual reality and augmented reality at the moment. They all try to disrupt the industry, but the market is still not ready to adapt which is why no real progress is being made.

“There is always hesitation around new technology. Brands don’t want to invest without seeing how it plays out in the market,” said Mark Jarecke, founder and creative director of agency Four32C and former creative director of Condé Nast Digital. “With AI, there is a concern around the lack of experience and expertise, but it feels like we’re at the point where the locomotive is just gaining speed, and soon it will be everywhere.”