When you think about bespoke tailoring you probably think about luxury fabrics, shoulder pads and hand sewn buttons. This craftwork is one of the oldest on earth and is still being executed by custom tailors around the world.

They will take their time to take your measurements and to go through their available fabrics they have at the moment to find the perfect option for your taste (of course there are different types of tailors, but lets just talk about luxury custom tailors for a second). They will help you to decide on a color and pattern and will pick a lining for you. You have the opportunity to talk through all the details you want to be added onto the suit, for example buttons or embroidery. Everything is made to your taste, fitted onto your body.

Is it possible to transfer this experience to a digital app on the smartphone?

Having an App that can measure you in a second by just taking your photo, comparing your body parts to your environment / other body parts, and then calculating your actual measurements would make the tailoring business so much easier. They could scale their business by not having the customer come into the store (or sending people to them) and reach many people at the same time, globally.

You could also choose between thousands of styles, fabrics, patterns, details and finishings – and would probably be confused by all these decisions. But! There could be a personal styling option provided that would ask you some lifestyle questions and give you feedback and style suggestions right away.

All these different detail combinations that merge into one suit can be split up into different “categories” in the app. Favorite styles can be saved and tailors can collect all these data from their customers and see trends and buying habits easily.

What about seeing and touching the fabric?

You’re right, there is no digital solution for that. Not yet. High resolution images would be one compromise. Actually sending the swatches are another option (not that good because of time difference).

Creating a digital tailoring service would save both the customer and the tailors time because there is not commuting to and from the tailor for fittings. Also tailors would reach more customers at once no matter their current location. The customer can look through the styling options without pressure and then decide with the help of a digital stylist for one fitted design. Some weeks later he will find his personalized suit in his mail box.

My loves, a digital tailoring service like this does already exist and it’s called MTailor. They are providing a measurement scan function in their app and you can order your custom fitted suit from them.

Do you think a service like this is helpful? How do you think can it be improved? 

I feel like this could be a fun project to work and to refine it a little more. I will keep you updated.