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The Future of Retail – An Interview with Nargiza from Rebecca Minkoff

I had the great chance to chat with the associate e-commerce manager Nargiza Dakmak from the tech-forward fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. She also studied at LIM College and graduated with her MBA in Fashion Management. Fascinated by the fashion industry, she started her internship at Rebecca Minkoff – and stayed. I talked with her about their advanced mirror technology in stores and how she sees retail in the future.  What was the main Idea behind your Mirror Technology? How was the Development Process like? When you want to open a Flagship store, your main goal is to provide a different…

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Adore Me used AI to double its active customers

Adore Me uses AI to gain more lingerie customers online. The four-year old e-commerce brand secured a big market share of Victoria’s Secret through targeting their customers online through artificial intelligence. Before they strengthened this technology they used the common “spray and pray” method of messaging customers through email marketing, which was not very effective. “We had a one-size-fits-all strategy for reaching out to customers,” said Josselin Petit-Hoang, who is Adore Me’s marketing manager since 2014. “But as the company grew, and the volume of our customers grew, we wanted to narrow down, as well as reach people outside of email.”…

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AI is the Future of Fashion

Many fashion labels want to move in a lifestyle brand often times soon after founding. The lingerie brand Cosabella is one of them and found a way to realize it. It expanded the process of looking at mood boards, observing fashion trends and runways for inspiration. Cosabella is using AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to track their customer’s behavior, in every detail to predict what will sell. “The smarter we get with AI, the longer our customer stays with us. The longer a customer stays with us, the better we get at improving product, fit, fabric and silhouette,” said…

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